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I like to think of myself as a productive person, but after this weekend I don’t know if I can say that. Sure we all have lazy weekends. I realize this but I really don’t know if I’ve ever experienced one to this extent.
I spent the weekend holed up inside doing nothing…except clouding my mind with junk TV and The Godfather. When I say junk TV I’m not referring to your normal reality television show..I’m talking about cat fights, hair poofs and fist pumps..JERSEY SHORE…
If you haven’t seen this show you are probably better off…I have never seen such tacky classless people.
As repulsed as I was, I could not turn this show off..maybe it was my amazement at how someone could act like that or maybe it was because there was nothing else on, I don’t know.. I do know that I am slightly more ignorant for wasting my brain cells on this ridiculous TV show….I hate to admit it, but when season two comes on you might catch me watching again-(that can be our little secret)
I made this weekend all about the ITALIANS..after dumbing myself up I wasted hours watching something considerably better…THE GODFATHER…(one and half of two) I am still working on the other half of two and three.
These movies are long (and great for a lazy weekend) I am excited that I have finally taken the time to cross these classics off of my “Movies to See,” list. I am completely taken with Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in these
I have to admit, I have always had a thing about “The Mafia.” Maybe it was my introduction to them at an early age when I lived in Italy or maybe it is the fact that these good lookin’ men in suits are eye candy..I don’t know..I do know that I LOVE these movies….and who DOESN’T love Marlon Brando??

is a member of the Corleone family in The Godfather. Al Pacino’s grandparents are from Corleone, Sicily.
So maybe my weekend was lazy and boring..and this BLOG post probably is too..but if you’re looking for a good movie weekend
(and you will need a weekend) maybe this will make you lean toward a set of movies EVERY ONE should see…and if not you can always cloud your brain with some shore action….
Until next time…FIST PUMPS

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