The art of correspondence

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Each day I take out my mailbox key and fulfill my daily duty of checking the mail. I never seem to find joy in doing so seeing that the mail man tends to deliver large piles of junk, bills, and random solicitations. However, some days I approach just knowing that this day will bring something different-something exciting and interesting. Maybe a card, a wedding invitation, or perhaps even a care package. I know, I have high hopes, but if you are like me you go to your mailbox and nine months out of the year (wedding season, June – August, excluded) you find the same ol’ boring marketing materials day in and day out.

The last few years I have prided myself on becoming a correspondence queen. Not only do I try to send out the yearly birthday card, but I try very hard to send out holiday mail and random notes. You cannot put a price on the joy one gets in receiving snail mail. It is nice to know that someone is thinking of you or just wants to let you know that you are a great friend.

These small acts of kindness do not have to be an expensive treat by any means. I have found that it works best to keep a random assortment of greeting cards stored in your house. It is important to keep a variety of general birthday cards, professional thank you notes, and generic decorative cards in your collection. Assorted card boxes can even be purchased online.

My personal favorite is a monogram card that may have your name or initial(s) on it. These special notes add a cute personal touch and can be used for any occasion, thank you included. I would also recommend keeping a few wedding, baby shower, get well, and sympathy notes handy. It is always easier to browse through your personal card box rather than running out and picking up a card every time you need one. (Although I am guilty of heading to Hallmark more often than I should.) To top off your card box you should purchase a roll or sheet of stamps to keep handy and tucked inside your box for quick mailing.

Your notes/cards don’t have to be anything fancy. A quick postcard can even brighten someone’s day. Make it your goal to send one card out this week. Maybe to a college friend that you don’t talk to enough or maybe even a favorite family member that just deserves some love. You will find joy in knowing that the time you took to send the card will leave them smiling the rest of the day!

Some of my favorite places to buy cards:

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