101 in 1001

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If you follow Mackenzie’s blog, Design Darling, you’re probably familiar with 101 in 1001. If not, basically what this little phrase means is “101 things” you want to do “in 1001 days.” Simple, right?! These “things” can range from professional goals such as finding a mentor or starting a book, to personal tasks such as waking up early 1 week in a row.

101 in 1001

About a week ago, I was having a crazy day when I started thinking about all of the things in life I want to do {but feel like I never have time for.} We’ve all been there right? Instead of adding another idea to my mental list, I decided to jump in and join the 101 in 1001 movement. It took me a solid week to really figure out what it was I wanted to accomplish, but after a few beach relaxation/soul searching sessions, I’ve completed my list. I decided to group mine into categories, but you can create your list anyway you like. That’s the beauty of it!

{Although I’m posting mine today, I plan to start mine September 1st. I thought it would be fun to recruit some of you to join in the adventure. I’ve listed my 101 in 1011 below incase you need inspiration. If you decide to join in the fun, be sure to let me (and Mackenzie) know!}

Until then, here’s what I’m working with:


1. Bring my bike to the beach and spend the day

2. Plan and go on a girls trip

3. Go to New York

4. Go paddle boarding

5. Go for a sunrise walk on the beach

6. Go for a sunset walk on the beach

7. Go deep sea fishing

8. Go zip-lining

9. Go white water rafting

10. Go to 3 art galleries

11. Visit an orchard

12. Take an unplanned trip


14. Go crabbing

15. Go on a carriage ride

16. Go to a ballet

17. See a Broadway show

18. Build a sandcastle

19. Go Hiking

20. Go to a Salt cave

21. Go to Napa Valley

22. See James Taylor in Concert


23. Create and Bake 5 flavors of macarons successfully

24. Plan a weekly dinner menu for one full month without breaking it

25. Brew a beer by myself

26. Make homemade ice cream

27. Go to a pop up dinner

28. Go to a cooking class

29. Join a CSA

30. Make Jelly

Fancy Pants

31. Get fresh flowers every week for a month

32. Go to a bottles and brushes class

33. Invest in 5 wardrobe staples

34. Find the perfect “overnight bag”

35. Eat macarons and drink champagne in a park

36. Get blowout at a dry bar

37. Get a facial

38. Take photos with horses

39. Buy a bag I love (and can’t live without)


40. Create a budget and stick to it

41. Pay my car off

42. Put $10 away for every task I complete


43. Send birthday cards once a month for a year

44. Pay fo the person behind me at the coffee shop

45. Bring donuts/bagels to work

46. Volunteer 6 times in 1 year

47. Send 3 random gifts

48. Send my niece a special gift

49. Serve at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving

50. Pay for dinner with my parents

Health and Fitness

51. Lose 20 pounds

52. Try yoga for two weeks

53. Stretch everyday for a month

54. Complete Insanity

55. Take a dance class

Home Projects

56. Find the perfect couch

57. Create an at home bar area

58. Create a gallery wall

59. Find three antique furniture pieces

60. Create a list of all things that make me happy and create a word gallery

61. Have College degrees matted and framed


62. Complete Harry Potter Series

63. Read 10 classic books


64. Organize my recipes

65. Purge the clothes I don’t wear


66. Wake up early for quiet time 1 week in a row

67. Learn the basics of calligraphy

68. Finalize a list of 5 places to go before I’m 40

69. Try a new hairstyle (not just a trim)

70. Find a signature scent

71. Find a church

72. Go to a psychic

73. Make a garment

74. Make a list of all the experiences I’ve had in my life (concerts, sporting events, etc)

75.Paint something….anything…without being too hard on myself

76. Post my outfit of the day for 1 month and be proud of my originality

77. Collect photos of my loved ones

78. Recreate a family favorite photo for my parents Christmas present

79. Learn and play a holiday song on the piano

80. Take a photo of every challenge I complete and create a book


81. Write Business Plan for Business Idea (can’t disclose the name :o) )

82. Create a draft of children’s book idea

83. Evaluate what it is I want to spend my life doing

84. Find a mentor


85. Attend Christmas Eve Service with my Mom and Dad

86. Go on a trip with my Mom and Sister

87. Write a letter to each family member sharing why I value our relationship


88. Pray with my significant other every night for a month

89. Plan a date night once a month for 6 months


90. Host a dinner party

91. Host a tailgate

92. Host a wine and cheese tasting

93. Meet 3 new blogging friends

94. Host a tea party

95. Host a theme party


96. Go to a Braves Game

97. Take Dad to a UK game

98. Go to a Game in Tallahassee

99. Go to a football game in Athens

100. Visit Keeneland (again)

101. Go to the Kentucky Derby




  1. August 29, 2013 / 7:51 pm

    I love 101 in 1001 days! I love getting ideas for future lists of my own! Loving your adventure section!

  2. October 30, 2013 / 6:53 pm

    I completely back and support your #62… it’s a must in everyone’s lives. 🙂 Congrats on making your list! I’ve been trying to make headway with mine as well. Good luck!

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