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Azaleas in Charleston

The color in Charleston right now is incredible! Azaleas are in full bloom and wisteria is dazzling the tree tops. It’s just gorgeous. I snapped this photo out on Daniel Island yesterday and still can’t believe how vibrant everything already looks! I’m sorry to my friends up north getting snow. I’d love to have you come visit! Anywho, here are a few of my favorite reads from around the web the last two weeks:

1. | The Queen Has Spoken and you might not even know it. This is a cool read about how Queen Elizabeth uses her purse to give her staff insight on what she needs.

2. | Tone of voice is everything. This is a great read about how it affects a marriage. I think it is great to apply to everyday life too.

3. | Emma Watson is my total girl crush. I love that she supports sustainable, transparent brands and tries to use natural products when possible. This is as great read about brands she uses and loves.

4. | Vintage Volvo. I love this read. My husband had a Volvo when we first met and had one as his first car. I hear storeis of how it was covered in stickers so this article made me laugh. I’m a Volvo fan and definitely checked out the V90 after reading this.

5. | Keto Diet. I’ve heard a lot about the Keto diet and how effective it can be for getting rid of unwanted weight. There are lots of reviews, positive and negative, but this article seems to be pretty positive in the fact that it might be something that can ward off cancer. I’ve read a lot of articles on the relationship between sugars and cancer so it absolutely makes sense. I would like to give it a try but don’t know if I could stick to it. Has anyone tried it?

6. | Live-action Little Mermaid is coming. The first trailer was released this week and it is nothing like I expected. I am really looking forward to this!

7. | Y’all my allergies have me DOWN this week. I am super allergic to grass and it is in “high bloom” in CHS. This meme describes my week perfectly… just replace the TP with a kleenex box.




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