June 2020 Market Stats

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Operation re-open the economy has continued to boost the real estate market. Home sales are up 5.7% from June 2019 and new listings were up 2.5 percent. While listings are up year over year, the month’s supply of inventory is down 41.9% to just 2.5 months worth of homes available. currently.

It’s time to LIST YOUR HOME, LIST YOUR HOME, LIST YOUR HOME. I want to make sure you are informed as a seller. One more time for the homeowners in the back. It is time to LIST YOUR HOME. Until sellers (you) regain confidence and start listing your property, housing inventory will continue to be constrained during this active selling season*.

*You have not missed the “selling season.” While spring tends to be the normalized buying and selling season across the country, COVID has changed where we are in our market. With low interest rates and people deciding to make moves since we’ve realized many of us can work from home, the spring market has fell into summer and fall. Let’s work together to create a plan to help you sell or buy. It it time to take advantage of a large pool of buyers or low interest rates.


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